Reini Greene - French Facial Spa in Seattle, Los Angeles

Reini mastered the European skin care treatment while studying with the renowned Annemarie Camenzind, founder of the Euro Institute of Skin Care, which is recognized as one of the finest schools of Esthetics in North America. Reini has also trained with the BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE innovative physicians and international trainers in New York and Paris to further develop her own in depth knowledge of this precise and comprehensive skin care. She has received an Ayurvedic practitioner degree from Bastyr University and is developing a forthcoming line of herbal body oils and fragrances with her unique point of view-stay tuned! 

Reini approaches skin care from two directions, the first offers the hard to find imported BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE SKIN CARE products used in her facials and also for purchase to maintain your level of newfound skin heaven. Coupled with diverse additional treatment offerings such as the amazing ENDERMOLIFT™ technique as well as micro current machine treatments to strengthen and tone facial muscles you will be treated with the state of the art esthetics and a new you. Secondly she believes in natural and holistic care with first hand knowledge of living a healthy lifestyle and practicing alternative approaches for overall wellbeing.  Reini travels between Seattle and Los Angeles to serve her clients and believes in a total mind-body lifestyle approach to beauty. Happy soul, happy body, happy skin! 

To schedule a consultation, email reini@reinispa.com.

1422 34th Ave., Suite A
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 858-8017

Los Angeles
12211 Dunoon Ln
Los Angeles, CA 90049
(323) 430-5005