Crème Défatigante

Crème Défatigante

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3.4 oz.  

Result: Leaves the legs feeling light and weightless and is an excellent soother for muscular pains resulting from physical effort.


-Reinforces the dermis.

-Helps improve blood circulation.

-Prevents the heavy legs effect.

-Relieves and decongests tired legs.

-Provides a sensation of freshness and lightness thanks to its thermal effect (hot/cold).

Product description:

Crème Défatigante is rich in stimulating and toning Essential Oils and leaves your legs feeling deliciously light and refreshed.

Direction for use: Apply Crème Défatigante in the morning and/or the evening massaging it in lightly in ascending movements. Use open hands to massage very lightly from the ankle upwards on the inner leg and then on the outer leg.