Huile Bénéfique

Huile Bénéfique

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1.02 oz. 

Result: Leaves the skin golden and deeply moisturized.


-Intensely nourishes the skin.

-Reconditions and protects dry, damaged hair.

-Restructures and reconditions the epidermal barrier.

-Compensates for the fat deficiencies of the epidermis.

-Makes tanned skin beautiful and silky

Product description: 

Huile Bénéfique is a treatment, non greasy, rich protecting and anti-dehydrating ingredients enhance the skin's beauty and leave it delicately scented. Recommended for all Skin Instants. Ideal for skins that are already tanned, dehydrated and delipidated.  

Direction for use: Apply daily to the whole face, body and hair.