Creme Liposculpt AC

Creme Liposculpt AC

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6.8 oz. 

Result: Contour and figure body cream.


-Prevents the storage and promotes the breakdown of fat. 

-Refines the figure.

-Reduces the dimpled appearance of the skin.

-Firms and reshapes the body.

Product description: 

Multi-benefit, Liposculpt AC reduces the appearance of cellulite, visibly refines the figure and firms the skin. Its unique combination of lipolytic and draining active ingredients promotes fat breakdown to reduce the adipose tissue for a single purpose: reshaping the body.

Direction for use: Apply in the morning and evening onto the areas to be treated (stomach, waist, buttocks, thighs and arms) using upward movements. Then work in the cream using Biologique Recherche’s Gant de Massage Corps (body glove).