Sérum Colostrum VG

Sérum Colostrum VG

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1.0 oz.

Result: The skin is intensely nourished, protected from recurring dryness and associated tightness.


-Intensely restores lipids in the skin.

-Maintains in-depth skin hydration.

-Strengthens skin barrier.

-Prevents tightness.

-Provides a sensation of comfort and suppleness.

Product description:

With a +++ level of hydration, Colostrum VG is an intensive lipid restoring care product that will act as a liquid cushion. It helps reduce dryness on the surface and maintains skin hydration throughout the day. Its moisturizing and lipid-restoring active ingredients give the formula unparalleled nourishing properties. It restores the water content of the epidermis by hydrating and reconstructing the damaged protective lipid film. This combination helps provide the nutrients needed to ensure the comfort of dehydrated and undernourished Skin Instants©.

Direction for use: Take 1 ml of Colostrum VG. Apply the serum onto clean skin over the entire face, neck and décolleté in gentle ascending movements until product is completely absorbed.